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Hey, from Australia. I’m Adam - owner / creator of ‘In all Airness’ [NBA-history podcast]. I’ve been a fan of Michael Jordan and the Bulls since 1989, when Chicago upset the Cavaliers in round one of the playoffs - forever synonymous with ‘The Shot'.

At that time - here in Australia - one NBA game aired each week on TV. I was 13-years old and that was one of the first games I recorded on VHS tape. In the months that followed, I watched the game countless times. I all-but-forced my brother to watch it, too. Hence, I became forever besotted by Jordan and the Bulls. To this day, I'm obsessed with old-school basketball as much as I was three-decades ago.

In a tale of woe for the ages, I was part of a basketball-crazed tour group that flew to the USA in 1994 to attend six NBA games - including a stay in Chicago to watch MJ and his Bulls. Just weeks after paying my deposit for the trip, news of Jordan's (first) retirement turned me into an inconsolable recluse for days. Absolutely gutted, I still went on the trip and loved every minute of it. However, it was a somewhat hollow feeling, to be inside the venerable Chicago Stadium - watching the Bulls play - only for MJ to be thousands of miles away, wearing cleats and playing minor-league baseball instead.