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Jun 16, 2020

Legendary sportswriter, Jack McCallum, discusses a wide range of hoops-related topics. We begin with his eight-part podcast series, The Dream Team Tapes. We cover its origin story and Jack's original audio recordings with superstars such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Jack shares great insights from his books - Golden Days (the remarkable through line between Jerry West and the history of the NBA), Seven Seconds or Less (his season on the bench with the 2006 Phoenix Suns) and Unfinished Business (his inside look at the 1991 Boston Celtics).

We also chat about (ESPN's) The Last Dance docuseries, Jack's omission from the list of interviewees and his Last Night on The Last Dance episode recaps for Sports Illustrated.

Jack discusses his approach to book research and offers great advice for aspiring writers. We round out the conversation with an anecdote for the ages featuring 1980s NBA veteran, Darren Daye - made possible thanks to another fantastic author, Jeff Pearlman.


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